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The Best Hotels in Lichtenvoorde


The best 5 star hotels in Lichtenvoorde

Hotel restaurant Stad Munster

The Hotel restaurant Stad Munster is described as a charming family-run establishment located in Winterswijk, Netherlands. This vintage 1911 hotel prides itself on providing a relaxed and personal experience to its guests, and its commitment to this ethos is reflected in the many positive reviews it has received. The friendly and accommodating staff, along with the excellent food, make this hotel stand out. The hotel boasts spacious rooms that are equipped with air conditioning and a well-furnished bathroom.

Guests commend the excellent and plentiful breakfast served at the hotel, which is not a buffet, but carefully served at the table, adding to the personal touch this establishment provides. The reviews also highlight that the hotel is considerate towards guests' needs, offering flexible services such as packed lunches for those who need to depart early. Located on the town square, the hotel's location is superb, though guests note that Saturdays can get a bit noisy due to the local market. Overall, the Hotel restaurant Stad Munster is highly recommended for those seeking a comfortable, friendly stay in a smaller, charming Dutch town.

The best 4 star hotels in Lichtenvoorde

Hotel de Koppelpaarden

Hotel Villa Ruimzicht

Boetiek Hotel BonAparte Lochem

Hotel Hof van Gelre

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Scheperskamp

The Hotel de Koppelpaarden is highly recommended by guests who appreciate its central location, tastefully decorated rooms, and quality breakfast. Some visitors have declared it their favorite hotel due to its welcoming atmosphere and cleanliness. Particular appreciation is expressed for the spaciousness of the rooms, their comfort, and the appealing bonus of heated bathroom floors. The restaurant is also praised for its fine interior and good food. Additionally, the hotel is lauded for its friendly and courteous service.

Despite the overall positive reviews, some guests have pointed out areas where improvements could be made. The noise isolation between the rooms and floors is identified as less than ideal, with some guests being able to hear the movement of other guests and exterior noises. The firmness of the pillows and the occasional lackluster dinner experience have also been noted. However, the only major drawback seems to be the hotel's internet connection, which was reported to be unstable. Nevertheless, many guests have expressed a desire to return, attesting to the overall high quality and welcoming atmosphere of Hotel de Koppelpaarden.

Guests appreciate the grandeur and charm of the Hotel Villa Ruimzicht. It's appreciated for its spacious rooms and bathrooms, with some guests particularly enjoying the aromatic toiletries provided. The hotel is lauded for its beautiful garden, outdoor seating areas, and the historic charm of the building. The hotel's location, within walking distance of the city, and the friendly and helpful staff, further elevate the guest experience. The hotel's restaurant receives high praise for the quality of its food, and the property's surroundings are often referred to as beautiful.

On the downside, guests have reported issues with the shower overflowing onto the bathroom floor. Some were also displeased with the design of the shower-in-bathtub setup and the lack of a proper shower space in certain rooms. A few guests have mentioned minor inconveniences such as the slowness of the lift and a rather limited breakfast offering. Some guests have reported maintenance issues in certain rooms and have pointed out that the building's old wooden floors can be a little noisy. However, despite these drawbacks, many guests have mentioned that they enjoyed their stay and would like to visit again.

The Boetiek Hotel BonAparte Lochem is a place guests describe as comfortable and cozy, with a special design throughout the hotel. The stunning views of the garden from the rooms and the large bathtubs add to the overall positive guest experience. Guests also speak highly of the excellent breakfast and dinner served at the hotel, with the swimming pool being another appreciated feature. The hotel's location is also praised, with many guests finding it easy to reach and the surrounding woodland adding to its charm.

Although reviews for this hotel are overwhelmingly positive, there are a few criticisms. One guest found the bathroom to be small and had to readjust to using a shower curtain. Another guest found the staircase to be unpleasant. The most significant concern raised was regarding the size of the bed in a single room that was found to be too small and not suitable for taller guests. However, the majority of guests enjoyed their stay at Boetiek Hotel BonAparte Lochem and speak highly of the staff, decor, and overall atmosphere.

Hotel Hof van Gelre is described as an aesthetic complex set in quiet surroundings, boasting large rooms, modern bathrooms, and a variety of restaurants and bars. The friendly staff is appreciated by guests who also note that the hotel did its utmost to maintain comfort during Covid restrictions. Special mentions are made to the quality breakfast, the relaxing swimming pool, and the beautiful location just a short walking distance from the city center of Lochem.

Some guests had issues with their rooms, citing lack of air conditioning, low water pressure, and unwelcome noise from outside and other rooms. There were also a few comments about less than friendly reception staff and the occasional odor from the pool. However, overall, guests found the hotel to be clean and making a good impression, delivering a sense of being small and personal despite its size. Many are likely to return, citing excellent services and amenities, while recommending a few improvements.

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Scheperskamp offers a stay in an amazing location, surrounded by nature, with a view of the forest for some rooms. Guests have praised the helpful staff and the excellent breakfast. The hotel also boasts an appreciated swimming pool and sauna facilities. There is also a note about attractive pieces of African art adorning the hotel.

Guests, however, reported a few negative aspects. The carpets in the rooms and corridors were mentioned as being old, stained, and dirty. The walls were found to be very thin, affecting the privacy of the guests. Some were not happy with the lack of certain facilities like a small refrigerator and a sufficiently large table in the rooms. Despite these complaints, guests appreciate the friendly staff and the beautiful location, but suggest renovations and updates to the facilities and rooms.

The best 3 star hotels in Lichtenvoorde

Hotel Bakker

Hotel Restaurant Ruimzicht

Hotel Loco

Hotel Loco

Hotel Hof van Twente

Hotel Bakker is praised by guests for its unique atmosphere, especially the formal dining room. The staff are considered sublime and are part of the charm of this place which carries a strong sense of history. With a location in the center of town, comfortable rooms, and a good breakfast, it promises a great Dutch experience. Additionally, the hotel is appreciated for its good atmosphere and traditional style.

However, some guests were not completely satisfied with the lack of air conditioning, mentioning that extra fans might be needed for those who sleep hot. Some personal preferences regarding the comfort of the bed were also mentioned. The absence of tea and coffee facilities in the room was noted as a downside. Despite these minor issues, Hotel Bakker, with its last-century ambiance, is a recommended place for guests to stay.

Hotel Restaurant Ruimzicht is recognized for its comfortable beds, good location, and excellent restaurant. Visitors appreciate the friendly and helpful staff, as well as the secure garage for bicycle storage. The restaurant received high marks for its atmosphere and the quality of its food. Guests have also lauded the terrace and location as excellent places to relax and recharge.

Some criticisms were mentioned about the lack of air conditioning in the rooms, potentially leading to discomfort in warm weather. Another critique was the dated interior of the hotel, with some suggesting that the carpets could be replaced. Despite this, the hotel is seen as very clean, and the staff are regarded as attentive and helpful. Overall, Hotel Restaurant Ruimzicht offers good value for money, a friendly environment, and is set in beautiful surroundings, making it a great place to stay.

Hotel Loco is a charming establishment, noted for its vintage charm, yet updated amenities. The hotel is complimented for its prime location, making the surrounding towns easily accessible by train and bus. It's the kind of place that wins the heart of guests with its exceptional hospitality, and the staff's willingness to accommodate special requests. The hotel is equipped with comfortable, spacious rooms and bathrooms, and the breakfast served at the hotel is highly appreciated, especially due to the considerate attention paid to guests' dietary requirements.

The restaurant on the premises also adds convenience for guests looking to dine in, and it's noted for its excellent culinary offerings. Despite some criticism about the noise from outside, largely from traffic and

Hotel Loco, situated in an excellent location, offers guests an authentic blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. Reviews highlight the hotel's friendly and accommodating staff who go out of their way to cater to guests' needs, such as preparing breakfast at special request hours. Many guests appreciate the hotel's nostalgic touch with real keys to enter the room. The hotel's rooms are described as spacious, and the hotel itself enjoys a peaceful and central location. Dining at the hotel's restaurant comes highly recommended, with meals described as satisfying and well-varied. However, some guests suggest that the property could benefit from updated insulation to reduce noise from traffic and the nearby train. Please visit Hotel Loco for more details and booking.

Hotel Hof van Twente, is often lauded for its cleanliness, with guests commenting on the sparkling freshness of everything from the rooms to the common areas. The staff are consistently praised as friendly and helpful, creating a welcoming environment for guests. The hotel features good-sized rooms and an apparently popular restaurant, as well as a wonderful surrounding area for walks. Special mentions go to the excellent bedding and the spacious, clean bathrooms. Some guests have noted that the breakfast offering could be more varied considering the price, and there were comments about the steep stairs and narrow steps leading to the upper rooms. Visit Hotel Hof van Twente for more information and to make your booking.

The best budget hotels in Lichtenvoorde

Hotel, cafe, biljart POT

Hotel & Restaurant 'T Holt

The Hotel, cafe, biljart POT has received an overwhelmingly positive response from guests for its excellent service, cleanliness, and value for money. Described as always recommendable, the hotel is known for its smooth check-in process, considerate staff and flexible approach to guests' requests, with several reviews mentioning room upgrades. The central location is also much appreciated, and the rooms are noted for being exceptionally clean, spacious and equipped with much-needed air conditioning. The breakfast provided is a standout feature, with many guests complimenting its quality.

Guests were also impressed with the friendly and accommodating staff, who were always willing to assist. The owner, Petra, received particular mention for her hospitality and dedication to ensuring her guests' satisfaction. The hotel's location within the town is charming and the breakfast is highly rated. While an in-room safe would be a welcome addition, overall, the Hotel, cafe, biljart POT offers an amazing value for money experience and is a top choice for those looking for a comfortable, friendly and clean place to stay.

The Hotel & Restaurant 'T Holt is a destination for nature lovers, nestled in a scenic location. The host's friendliness and social demeanor have received high praise from guests. Although the rooms are not the most modern, they offer comfort, and the hotel's fantastic location more than compensates for this. The hotel's dinner service is commended, particularly the Tournedos dish.

Guest reviews also mention the host's flexibility and the ample space of the rooms. Some reviews do note that the rooms can get warm. Despite some minor issues such as the television not working properly and the door not locking from the outside, the overall response is positive. Guests have remarked upon the hotel's cozy family atmosphere and excellent dinner service, but feedback indicates that the breakfast could be improved with fresher bread and dairy options. Despite this, Hotel & Restaurant 'T Holt is praised for its beautiful setting, friendly staff, and cozy interiors.

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