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The Best Hotels in Viljandi


The best 4 star hotels in Viljandi

Schloss Fellin Boutique Hotel and Spa

Park Hotel Viljandi

Grand Hotel Viljandi

Schloss Fellin Boutique Hotel and Spa is highly praised for its beautiful setting and attentive staff. The hotel is conveniently located near the town center and castle ruins, adding to its allure. Guests have appreciated its cleanliness and calmness, along with the inclusion of a spa. The hotel is described as a beautifully restored manor house with a recent modern remodel, featuring up-to-date plumbing, lighting, electrical, and finishes. Guests have also praised the high quality of food in the restaurant and the overall beautiful interior of the hotel.

While most reviews have been positive, some areas have been highlighted for potential improvement. Guests have mentioned limited breakfast options with no buffet, but a modest menu to order from. There were also mixed feelings about the staff's professionalism and the quality of service. The softness of the beds and the noise from the minibar during the night were other minor issues mentioned. Despite these, the Schloss Fellin Boutique Hotel and Spa has been lauded for its excellent spa, tasteful interiors, helpful staff, and great restaurant, making it a preferred choice for many guests.

Park Hotel Viljandi has been recognized for its quaint, beautiful atmosphere and exceptional restaurant food. It has been commended by return guests who highlight the helpfulness of the staff and the hotel's cleanliness. The location is convenient, being centrally located in a historic building. The peace and quiet, the cleanliness, and the beautiful surroundings further add to the appeal of the hotel. However, the breakfast offering received mixed reviews with some guests appreciating the basic but high quality selection while others wished for a more extensive menu.

Although the hotel received high marks for its excellent service and cleanliness, some guests expressed their disappointment over the size of the rooms in relation to their price. The hotel was criticized for unattentive breakfast staff, absence of minibar in the rooms, and the no-pets policy. Despite these, the hotel has been described as worth visiting for its friendly staff and beautiful architecture, in addition to being located in the lovely small city of Viljandi.

Grand Hotel Viljandi has received high praise from its guests, particularly for its friendly and helpful reception staff. The rooms are noted as being spacious, comfortable, and supplied with amenities such as TV, minibar, and toiletries. Its location is also a selling point, with close proximity to transportation, shopping centers, restaurants, and tourist sights. It's a safe place even for solo female travelers. The hotel's inclusive breakfast buffet has been commended for its quality and wide variety of options.

Despite the many positive reviews, some guests pointed out a few areas for improvement. The absence of in-room hot drink making facilities, early closing of the bar and restaurant on Sundays, and the quality of soap in the bathroom were mentioned. The mattresses were perceived as too soft by some guests. An occasional bad smell in the room and a broken coffee machine at the breakfast room were also noted. However, the friendly staff, comfortable beds, rich breakfast, and the central location have still made Grand Hotel Viljandi a preferred choice for many visitors.

The best 3 star hotels in Viljandi

Centrum Hotel Viljandi

The Centrum Hotel Viljandi is commended for its prime location, which allows guests easy access to all the major attractions. The staff's friendly and helpful demeanor, together with its clean, spacious rooms and tasteful breakfasts, are particularly praised. In addition, the hotel's rare addition of an air conditioner in its rooms is much appreciated. The comfort of the beds and pillows and availability of toiletries in the rooms are also noted.

However, guests have pointed out some areas that could use improvement. The hotel's exterior may not appear inviting, but the interior, specifically the lobby, exudes a cozy atmosphere. Several guests have commented on the need for more soundproofing in the rooms, as well as darker curtains to block the early morning sunlight. The shower's water pressure and temperature consistency were also mentioned as points of concern. Finally, while the breakfast is generally satisfactory, some guests feel there could be more variety and consistency in its offerings.

The best hostels in Viljandi

Nurmbergi Maja

Hostel Ingeri


Just Rest Automatic Hostel

Suure-Jaani Veekeskuse Sürgavere majutus

The Nurmbergi Maja is a charming, well-kept hostel that offers excellent value for money. It is lauded for its perfect location in the city center, making it a perfect base for exploring local tourist attractions. The rooms are not only clean and spacious but also stylishly decorated, lending to the overall cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The host, Monika, is noted for her kind and helpful nature, while the overall organization and cleanliness of the property are particularly appreciated by guests.

Despite the positive reviews, some guests noted minor inconveniences during their stay. These included issues with the toilet water constantly running and the shower head being slightly broken, causing water leakage and reduced pressure. A few guests also found the water pressure generally lower than they were accustomed to. While some noted that the street noise could be bothersome, the good window isolation was acknowledged as well. On balance, the Nurmbergi Maja's friendly staff, great location, and comfortable accommodations make it an excellent choice for travellers looking for value in their stay.

Hostel Ingeri is highly commended for its excellent location in the old town, making it a go-to destination for travelers. The hostel is characterized by its friendly and helpful staff and the overall cleanliness of the rooms and shared kitchen. Guests particularly enjoy the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms, some of which feature private balconies. The hostel doesn't offer breakfast but compensates with a well-equipped kitchen for guest use.

Despite the many positives, there were a few areas where guests suggested improvements. Lighting in some areas was mentioned as less than ideal, and while no breakfast is provided, guests appreciated the availability of a common kitchen. Additionally, the absence of breakfast didn't seem to dampen the overall satisfaction, with many guests commending the excellent location, clean and comfortable rooms, and the friendly staff.

The TäheMaja6 hostel enjoys a great location and offers plenty of room for guests. Visitors have praised the flexible check-in and the overall privacy and quietness of the place. The hostel is known for its clean, white interiors and the availability of all necessities, along with additional amenities such as a stove and morning coffee. Furthermore, the breakfast is considered tasty and the location is particularly advantageous, being close to the university, various restaurants, and shops.

Guests have, however, pointed out some minor issues, including finding leftover snacks under the bed and the desire for more breakfast options. In addition, the lack of salt and pepper in the kitchen was mentioned, but these minor issues did not significantly affect the overall positive impression of TäheMaja6. The hostel is appreciated for its location, room size, and the availability of a kitchenette, along with its overall cozy ambiance.

At the Just Rest Automatic Hostel, guests appreciate the convenient and simple system. The hostel offers a nice, clean space with the convenience of an automatic check-in. It's well-liked for its location and the availability of all basic amenities at an affordable price. Guests also acknowledge the spacious rooms, pleasing views, and the presence of fresh air. The easy check-in process, cleanliness, silence, and available parking options were also appreciated by the guests.

Despite these advantages, some guests found the bedding unsatisfactory and pointed out that the walls are not soundproof. There were also comments about temperature regulation taking a while, and some noise from the creaking bed. Nevertheless, the positive comments about the convenient check-in, great location, and cleanliness outshine the few minor issues that were mentioned.

Suure-Jaani Veekeskuse Sürgavere majutus is noted for its good location and round-the-clock access. However, some guests have remarked about its run-down state with comments about dirty pillows and blankets, stained pillowcases, and dirty floors under the bed. The TV was also reported to only intermittently display one channel. While there were not many reviews available for this property, these points of concern were consistently mentioned by the guests.

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