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Tomorrowland 2023

The event starts at

21 July 2023


The event ends at

23 July 2023


The event starts at

28 July 2023


The event ends at

30 July 2023

Tomorrowland is the world's largest electronic dance music festival, with over 400,000 attendees from around the globe each year. The festival takes place annually in the town of Boom, Belgium and spans over two weekends in July. First held in 2005, Tomorrowland has grown into one of the most iconic music festivals in the world.

The festival is renowned for its stunning stage designs, which are known to be some of the most extravagant and visually stunning in the industry. Besides electronic dance music, Tomorrowland features a wide range of other genres, including techno, house, trance, and more.

Tomorrowland is heavily focused on creating a unique and immersive experience for attendees, with elaborate themes and storylines that change each year. The festival is also known for its charitable initiatives, raising funds for various organizations and causes. Additionally, Tomorrowland has a strong environmental focus, implementing several sustainability initiatives such as reusable cups and eco-friendly transportation options.

Some of the world's biggest electronic dance music artists have performed at Tomorrowland, including David Guetta, Avicii, Tiësto, Martin Garrix, and many more.

Attending Tomorrowland - Where to Stay

Attending Tomorrowland - Where to Stay

There are several accommodation options available for those attending Tomorrowland:

  1. DreamVille - This is Tomorrowland's official campsite, offering a range of camping options from pre-set tents to bring-your-own-tent plots. DreamVille also features its own stage and entertainment, making it a popular option for festival-goers.
  2. Hotels - There are several hotels located in and around the town of Boom, ranging from budget to luxury options. Some hotels also offer shuttle buses to and from the festival.
  1. Many locals in Boom and the surrounding areas offer their homes or rooms for rent during the festival. Check the map below to see if there are affordable accommodations close to the festival area.
  2. Hostels - There are several hostels located in nearby cities such as Antwerp and Brussels that offer budget accommodation options.

It's important to book accommodation as early as possible, as options tend to sell out quickly.

Learn more about the Tomorrowland

Here are the steps to plan your trip

1. Go to the official website and double check the event dates, prices and regulations.

2. Check the hotels in Boom available during the the event. ⤵︎

Show the hotels on the Map
How to find best prices for hotels

2.1. Pick a hotel room by location and by price.

2.2. The search is done for 1 guest and the entire duration of the event. Click on the 'Filter', 'Guests', and 'Dates' buttons to adjust the search.

🏨 In the 'Filters' section, you can tell if you are looking for hotels or vacation homes. Here, you can filter the results by stars, review ratings, and budget.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 In this section, you can specify the number of guests (adults and children) and the number of rooms you want to book.

📆 Finally, you can change the date of your stay.

2.3. Save more money! Some hotel rooms are provided by multiple hotel booking websites. You will see them on the top of the hotel room details when you hover the mouse over the room. Be it, Expedia, Trivago, Opodo, or other providers, select the best price provider for the room during the chosen period.

2.4. If hotel rooms are not available around the event location, you can zoom out or search by a nearby city/town name. If you have a specific hotel in mind, you can even search the particular hotel name.

2.5. Bonus tip: Switch to Experiences search. Perhaps you will find great tours and activities!

2.6. Pro tip: The map of the experiences may help you find the most vibrant areas in the city and the best locations where you can look for accommodations for your stay.

3. If everything is fine you can buy all the tickets

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