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Rose Festival in Bulgaria

The Festival has been organized annually since 1903 in Kazanlak. It celebrates the deep connection to the Rosa Damascena – the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose and all the gifts it has blessed the Rose Valley with for centuries.

Cultural, dance, music, artistic, social, and sports events happen across Kazanlak and the surrounding villages in May-June.

Rose-picking rituals, organized in various locations around the Valley.

Enjoy Bulgarian folklore dancing, traditional customs, crafts and taking pictures in a rose field. The most visited ritual event is the one near Kazanlak and happens on the first Sunday of June every year in the fields north of the city, near Kran village.

Rose picking rituals happen at 10:00 AM in each respective village and are organized by local rose producers, local folklore groups and the local municipality.

Rose Coronation

Rose Coronation

Attend concerts, workshops, expos, parades and other activities for all individual tastes with the Festival parade and the Rose Queen coronation being the culmination of it all.

Rose Coronation – the new Rose Queen will be crowned, accompanied by a magnificent triad of traditional dancing and singing from various folklore groups.

Apart from all the events specifically organized for the Festival, the Rose Valley holds hidden gems such as the Valley of Thracian Kings, where hundreds of Thracian tombs, shrines, and treasures have been discovered.

Explore the most beautiful scenic locations in the Valley, there is a lot you can see throughout the year.

Rose Festive Parade

Rose Festive Parade

Rose Festive Parade (Carnaval) – it is the biggest parade in Bulgaria with over 3000 participants joining the march. Folklore dance and music groups from Bulgaria and abroad, local arts, dance and music formations as well as students from the municipality march through the center showing their creative abilities.

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