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Helsinki Baltic Herring Market 2023

The event starts at

1 October 2023


The event ends at

7 October 2023

Being held since 1743, the Helsinki Baltic Herring Market is one of the oldest ongoing event traditions in Finland. The Market has developed over the years into a beloved public event that combines ancient archipelago traditions and contemporary food culture.

Fishermen from different regions of Finland sell their catch either in the square or directly from their boats. In addition, an Archipelago Market featuring handmade goods and other seasonal flavors is established close to Market Square. Delicious herring and seafood dishes are also prepared by the restaurants in the Torikorttelit block for the guests.

Herring Market

Herring Market

The Helsinki Baltic Herring Market will kick off as usual on the first Sunday of October and remain open until the following Saturday. It is one of the oldest event traditions in Finland, with a history going back to 1743. Over the years, the Market has become one of the high points of autumn in Helsinki, fusing old archipelago traditions with modern food culture.

The heritage sailing ships

The heritage sailing ships

The aim of the event is to hold on to the tradition, and to support the livelihood of fishers. The Baltic Herring Market celebrates herring as a sustainable and tasty food choice. Fishing and eating herring also helps maintain a healthier Baltic Sea.

A selection of restaurants in the Torikorttelit block have crafted delicious specials with Baltic herring and other seasonal ingredients. The heritage sailing ships Albanus, Vivan, Olga and Valborg will also anchor at Market Square for the week.

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