Mysteryland Festival in Haarlemmermeer

Mysteryland Festival in Haarlemmermeer

Mysteryland Festival is the original electronic music festival, taking place in the outskirts of Amsterdam. Dating back to 1993, the festival is widely considered the first music festival to solely present electronic music.

Priding itself on offering a lineup composed of the biggest and best acts from across the wide spectrum of electronic genres, EDM, house, techno, hardstyles and beyond are all represented.

Mysteryland Festival takes place in a sprawling and lush event space in Haarlemmermeer municipality, close to Amsterdam. A classic spacious camping festival, Mysteryland has called the vast event space in Haarlemmermeer home since 2003.

In between sparkling ponds, rivers, and forestry hills of the Floriade terrain near Amsterdam, the festival welcomes more than 100.000 fellow festival friends from over 100 nationalities.

More than 300 artists perform for 22 Stage hosts, covering all genres within the spectrum of electronic music: from House, Big Room, Bass, Techno, Deep-House, Trance, Trap, and Minimal to Hardstyle, Hardcore, RnB, and Hip Hop. The handcrafted stages range from outdoor dance floors to massive tents filled with LED screens, laser shows, and the world's most advanced sound systems.

Next to the dance floors, the various paths through forests and grassy fields will guide you to hidden chill-out spaces, art installations, food courts, and unexpected encounters with like-minded travelers. The Healing Garden on the Southern festival terrain offers treatments for all spiritual seekers, from chi gong* to cacao ceremonies, to massages, yoga and meditation sessions. To sum it up: forget time and let yourself flow through the tantalizing and open-minded energy that is present all over Mysteryland.

Mysteryland's most dedicated visitors on the Mysteryland camping grounds and enjoy the festival from Friday until Monday! Here, people fully break free from everyday pressure and social expectations and live the days and nights just as they come.

The campsite is fully equipped with facilities and everything you need to quench your hunger and thirst. There's a market street where you can pimp your festival outfit or style your hair, to get ready for the summer of a lifetime.

On the camping plaza, morning yoga awaits the early birds, and late-night silent disco prolongs the nights for everyone that can't get enough.

The Mysteryland has over 28 years of experience in organizing dance events. In fact, it is the longest-running electronic music festival in the world. The organizers have learned how to optimize event facilities and logistics. This is why customer service, visitor health, and safety are on a high level. All you need to do is arrive and enjoy the colourful days!



Hoofddorp is the main town of the Haarlemmermeer municipality in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. The town was founded in 1853, immediately after the Haarlemmermeer had been drained.

A fort was built next to the main canal, two batteries were located in what are now the outskirts of Hoofddorp, and several casemates were built to the east of Hoofddorp.

The Haarlemmermeer Forest is a 115-hectare, park-like area northwest of Hoofddorp. The forest was planted in the 1970s after which it was officially opened to the public in 1979 and has developed into a regional attraction. The forest regularly hosts events such as the annual Mysteryland and Concours Hippique.

A restaurant is located at the recreational lake in the forest. Also located at the edge of the forest, against the N201, are the Historical Museum Haarlemmermeer and a hotel and event center.

Also, check our list of the best hotels in Hoofddorp and book your stay during the event.

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