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Best RC shows in Germany


Airmeet stands out as one of the best annual RC shows in Europe, notably transforming the Sportflugplatz in Donauwörth Genderkingen into a premier RC hotspot. Airmeet is characterized by a non-stop flight show featuring the best pilots in the scene, evolving into a unique RC festival with global recognition. The combination of spectacular RC action and breathtaking full-size acts captivates the hearts of aviation enthusiasts annually.

The show includes impressive RC flight displays and stunning performances by manned aircraft, ranging from aerobatics to formation gliding. World-class pilots showcase incredible skill and precision, offering sensational maneuvers and unforgettable moments. Airmeet prides itself on hosting some of the world's best pilots, known for their boundary-pushing abilities. In addition to the flight shows, the event features the Airmeet Manufacturer’s Day, providing a unique opportunity for manufacturers to demonstrate their latest products and technologies. The night flight show, a hallmark of Airmeet, combines model aviation with lighting and fireworks, culminating in a professional fireworks display that lights up the night sky. The event offers a full day of entertainment for the entire family, including food trucks, live music, and an after-hour party, making it a must-attend event for RC enthusiasts and families alike.

Rotor Live

Ort der VeranstaltungIffezheim

Rotor Live

Rotor Live, Europe's largest trade fair dedicated to model helicopters, is renowned for its unparalleled two-day event held annually. This fair offers an exceptional opportunity for enthusiasts and fans of model helicopters to immerse themselves in the world of high-tech aerial models and be inspired by the diversity of this "king's class" of model flying. Held in Baden-Baden, Rotor Live is not just a sales and presentation fair for model and multi-copters but also a hub for innovation and new products. It features a comprehensive range of model helicopters, quadcopters, scale models, RC technology, accessories, tools, and much more. Adding to the excitement is a program full of engaging talks and workshops led by experienced pilots and designers, providing valuable insights and expertise on various interesting topics.

The event is distinguished by action-packed flight shows, courses, and competitions with numerous top pilots from around the world, making it a supreme model-building experience. Rotor Live's unique location at the Galopprennbahn in Iffezheim near Baden-Baden offers over 3,000 square meters of exhibition space and covered stands for an optimal viewing experience. The fair's highlight includes a continuously moderated flight program featuring the latest top innovations and a varied show flight program by international top pilots. Besides impressive scale helicopter demonstrations, 3D pilots will be present to compete in exciting 3D battles, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere. For those interested in purchasing models and accessories on-site, a wide range of exhibitors and dealers will be available, making Rotor Live an essential event for RC helicopter enthusiasts and families alike.

Horizon Events

Ort der VeranstaltungIffezheim

Horizon Hobby AIRMEET is recognized as one of the premier annual RC shows in Europe, setting a high standard for quality RC action since its inception. This globally acclaimed event is celebrated for its non-stop airshow featuring the best pilots in the scene, evolving into a unique RC festival acknowledged worldwide. The Horizon Hobby AIRMEET is not just about showcasing flying skills but also demonstrates the latest innovations in RC technology. The event offers an immersive experience for attendees, combining thrilling aerial displays with the opportunity to learn about and purchase the latest RC products. With a diverse range of activities, including workshops and presentations by industry experts, Horizon Events provides a comprehensive and exciting experience for RC enthusiasts and families alike.

Horizon Hobby AIRMEET, beyond being a showcase of flying prowess, plays a significant role in advancing the RC hobby through innovation and interaction. The event's format allows manufacturers and hobbyists to engage directly, fostering a community spirit and driving the hobby forward. This approach not only benefits the RC community but also ensures that Horizon Events remains at the forefront of RC entertainment and technology. Its combination of action-packed shows, expert sessions, and community interaction makes it a must-attend event for RC enthusiasts in Europe, offering an experience that goes beyond just an airshow.