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The Best Hotels in Balingen

The best 3 star hotels in Balingen

With a charming ambiance that blends the historical with the contemporary, HOTEL Bahnhof Balingen sits embedded in the core of Balingen, providing not only a hospitable stay but also enabling easy access to the French Quarter and other significant sites. Originally an old railway station, the hotel has undergone thoughtful renovations that have maintained and elevated its aesthetic, presenting a union of traditional architecture and modern comfort. A notable highlight is the generous breakfast, rich with fresh rolls, homemade spreads, and a varied cheese selection, all of which have drawn appreciation from guests. Furthermore, the convenience of its location is emphasized by being 35 km away from Train Station Tuebingen and 37 km from Judengasse, placing guests in a position to effortlessly explore the surroundings.

Customer reviews shed light on a common theme: the exceptional service provided by the hotel’s team, under the compassionate leadership of the owner. Guests have expressed satisfaction with the meticulously adorned rooms, highlighting the special attention to detail and the preservation of historical elements during the renovation. Despite its central location and close proximity to the train station, several reviewers have noted the rooms to be remarkably quiet, attributing this to the effective window installations. Some have called attention to the free parking, the availability of activities like hiking and cycling, and the overall warm, welcoming atmosphere cultivated by the delightful staff. However, it is worth noting that a few guests have highlighted minor shortcomings such as the absence of certain amenities and discrepancies in room bookings.

Located in the scenic locale of Balingen and enveloped by the hilly contours of the Swabian Jura, the Hotel Restaurant Thum offers an authentic regional experience. Being a 3-star superior hotel, it has garnered a reputation for its rustic-style restaurant that specializes in local Swabian dishes and its wonderful covered terrace. Guests have lauded the family-owned and operated environment which has been in operation since 1951, providing a rich, welcoming atmosphere that's been preserved and enhanced through three generations. The rooms, offering a balance of comfort and functionality, come equipped with a flat-screen TV, a desk, and an optional WiFi booking, ensuring guests have all they need for a pleasant stay.

Reviews of the hotel reveal a strong appreciation for its culinary offerings, particularly the homemade Maultaschen (dumplings) and an impressive selection of Baden and French wines. The restaurant has received plaudits not only for dinner but also for the breakfast, often described as “wonderful” and “delicious” by visitors. On the convenience front, the hotel is notably close to the Balingen Train Station, situated only 850 meters away, and offers complimentary on-site parking. While some visitors noted the absence of air conditioning and occasional noise from the adjacent motorway, the overarching sentiment from guests illustrates a place that blends familial warmth, culinary excellence, and a dedication to service and hospitality.

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