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The Best Hotels in Bollendorf

The best 3 star hotels in Bollendorf

Waldhotel Sonnenberg provides a luxuriously serene getaway nestled in the spa town of Bollendorf. With its impeccable offerings of a 50,000 m² park, sunbathing lawn, barbecue area, and horse paddock, guests are invited into a haven where leisure meets luxury. Coupled with free high-speed Wi-Fi and complimentary use of the spa – which includes a swimming pool and a new panoramic sauna with an outdoor terrace – visitors are ushered into a realm where every detail is tailored to ensure a splendid stay. The backdrop of the Eifel Mountains, visible from the Restaurant Bellevue, adds a picturesque quality to the breakfast experience, while also offering a palette of regional and international specialities. The vicinity to the German-Luxembourg Nature Park, notable for walking, hiking, and cycling, further accentuates its appeal to those seeking an active retreat.

The positive reviews laud the magnificent view and commendable amenities such as the swimming pool, spa, and electric vehicle charging stations. The availability of room service, proximity to various attractions and cities, and the hospitable, friendly staff further elevate the visitor experience. However, a few reviews highlight areas for improvement, notably in terms of language accessibility and some service aspects in the restaurant. A blend of comfort and a seemingly immersive, tranquil nature experience, Waldhotel Sonnenberg encapsulates a destination where relaxation and adventure coalesce amidst spectacular landscapes, making it highly recommended by numerous guests, especially for families and those embarking on a hiking adventure.

Bordering Germany and Luxembourg, Hotel Hauer nestles itself amidst the enchanting landscapes of the South Eifel region, delivering a peaceful and comforting abode to its guests. Touted for its impeccable cleanliness and amiable service, the hotel caters to a wide array of guests, offering commodious rooms, some of which are specially designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Notably, guests have hailed the hotel’s restaurant, recommending it for its tantalizing breakfast and delectable dining experiences. Set alongside the picturesque river Sure/Saure, Hotel Hauer transcends being merely an accommodation, fostering an atmosphere that resonates with tranquility, blended with the assurance of friendly service and good food.

Praises extend to the hotel’s calm locale, impeccable cleanliness, and comfortable rooms in the customer reviews. The generous room and bathroom spaces, especially for those tailored for disabled guests, offer an accessible and inclusive environment for all. While many find the location perfect, praising the serene view of Sauer, the food quality, and the overall friendly atmosphere, a few voiced minor drawbacks such as the lack of air conditioning in bedrooms and the absence of a night reception. Nevertheless, the positive sentiments overwhelmingly spotlight the spacious rooms, the ease of access to nearby hiking trails, and the general ambiance of calm and cleanliness that permeates Hotel Hauer, making it a praised destination for travelers.

Nestled within the hiking region of the South Eifel, the Hotel Ritschlay offers a serene retreat in Bollendorf, situated in the German-Luxembourgish Nature Park and the tranquil Müller Valley (also known as "Little Switzerland"). The hotel, perched on the upper half of the town, provides splendid views of the Sauer Valley and is particularly noted for its cozy guest rooms, some adorned with hand-made furniture crafted from local wood. Guests have commended the facility’s sauna with an outdoor area, a panoramic relaxation room, Kneipp hydrotherapy treatments, massages, a fitness room, and a solarium, enhancing the overall wellness experience.

Reviews highlight the friendly staff, good value for money, and a notably warm welcome from the hotelier, who is always ready for a chat. While the accommodation and Eifel home cooking (especially the three-course evening meals) received praise, some reviews pointed out that the hotel shows signs of age, and areas like the entranceway may offer a slightly rundown vibe. However, the tranquility, combined with the stunning view of the valley and the hotel’s vicinity to natural beauty, are often pointed out as major pluses. Visitors were also appreciative of the information available regarding local hiking routes and the peaceful, rustic atmosphere amidst the beautiful surroundings of the region.

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