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The Best Hotels in Brilon

The best 3 star hotels in Brilon

The Hotel zur Post graciously welcomes visitors to the heart of the health resort of Brilon, situated in the stunning Sauerland region, presenting a blend of comfort, style, and exemplary services. The hotel's cozy rooms are well-furnished, featuring complimentary internet, cable TV, and in many instances, balconies, ensuring that guests have a pleasant and connected stay. Additionally, guests are treated to a daily buffet breakfast, offering a delectable array of options to start the day on a delightful note. The on-site restaurant, Restaurant Zur Post, tantalizes palates with its regional German cuisine, while the beer garden becomes a haven for guests seeking refreshment in the summertime.

Guest reviews reflect a wide array of positive experiences, highlighting the superb location, excellent dining options, and notably, the friendly and attentive staff. The majority of feedback underscores the pleasantness of rooms, effortless check-in processes even during late hours, and a general atmosphere of welcoming warmth throughout their stay. Diners seem particularly taken with the quality and variety available at breakfast, frequently describing it as “excellent” and “exceptionally good”. Additionally, the restaurant also garners high praise for its scrumptious offerings, whether for its everyday menu or the specially curated breakfast buffet. However, potential guests should note a few instances of minor issues such as miscommunications regarding breakfast timings and additional charges, ensuring to clarify such details during their stay to maintain a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Welcoming guests with a blend of traditional Wilhelminian style and modern comfort, Hotel am Wallgraben provides a soothing stay in the historical centre of Brilon. With free WiFi available in all areas, guests are treated to an easy connectivity, allowing them to share their memorable experiences in real-time. The hotel takes pride in offering an elegant restaurant, a traditional beer garden, and rooms equipped with modern amenities including a flat-screen TV. Some rooms are also furnished with a balcony, providing a splendid view to kick-start your mornings.

Visitors have expressed a warm appreciation for the delightful culinary experiences at Hotel am Wallgraben, highlighting the distinctive specialities from the Westphalia region and the delicious Mediterranean dishes served in the Wiegelmanns am Wall restaurant. The guest reviews often cite the hearty German food available in the Deele Restaurant and beer garden as well as the availability of a dining hall for private parties, which can accommodate up to 120 people. Amidst the praise, a recurrent theme in guest feedback points to the exceptionally friendly staff, sumptuous breakfasts, and clean, spacious rooms, especially in the new building. A few guests noted the modern but spartan outbuilding and the challenging parking situation on occasion, which might be points of consideration for future guests.

Visitors and travelers seem to find solace and comfort at Hotel Haus Hellhohl, which is strategically set in a peaceful location in Brilon, offering not only tranquility but also accessibility with its proximity to the Brilon Golf Club and the Brilon Stadt Train Station. Guests appreciated the comfortable rooms, all designed in a classic style, featuring amenities such as satellite TV, a minibar, and an en suite bathroom. Those who stayed have especially highlighted the very rich breakfast that comes in a delightful variety: cheese, sausage, ham, jams, and diverse juices, with a specific nod to the authenticity of the real bakery bread rolls over mere warm-ups. They also found the spacious rooms to be meticulously clean and arranged in a way that provides ample space to move and relax. The presence of a small fridge in the rooms was a welcomed feature, providing a means to keep drinks chilled and snacks preserved.

The terrain surrounding the hotel, lush with the natural beauty of the North Rhine-Westphalia countryside, has been recognized as ideal for activities like hiking and cycling, a feature that has been well-received by nature-loving guests. The reviewers have pointed out the hotel's strategic location, being conveniently near both the city center for a dose of urban life and the heart of nature for a quick escape to tranquility. Visitors were charmed by the private terraces available with some rooms, providing a personal outdoor space to relax and take in the surroundings. However, despite the positive notes, some travelers highlighted minor areas for improvement such as Wi-Fi connectivity and the external aesthetic appeal of the hotel, noting that a refurbishment could enhance the welcoming ambiance, thereby ensuring that first impressions are as warm and inviting as the hospitality offered within.

Landhotel Menke greets guests with the comfort and serenity of the North Rhine-Westphalia countryside, offering cozy rooms enhanced with free Wi-Fi and designed in a classic style featuring light colours. Some rooms also boast a sofa or balcony to enrich the stay with additional leisure. The strategic location of the hotel, which is directly opposite Brilon Wald Train Station and a mere 7 km from Brilon town centre, provides convenient accessibility and invites guests to explore the enveloping countryside, whether through hiking, cycling, or perhaps a relaxing moment on the hotel terrace. The nearby resort of Willingen, a mere 6 km away, offers further adventures with its ice rink and leisure park.

Reviewers often highlight the friendly and accommodating nature of the staff, with special commendation directed towards Chef Josef for his exceptional Indian cuisine. The breakfast buffet is repeatedly hailed for its excellent variety and quality, providing a delightful start to the day with options such as fresh fruit cocktails amongst other delicacies. The rooms have been described as spacious and comfortingly furnished, ensuring a serene reprieve from the day's activities. While most reviews glow with positivity, noting the clean, well-maintained conditions and lauding the location directly opposite the train station and amidst nature, some guests have expressed a desire for a broader selection of vegetarian dishes in the restaurant, indicating a potential area for enrichment in the culinary offerings.

Visitors to Brilon are welcomed by the Hotel Starke, a family-operated establishment that breathes charm and tradition, being situated in a picturesque half-timbered building right on the historic market square. The establishment, built in 1907, not only offers a rich history but also provides modern amenities such as complimentary WiFi across all areas. Guests have appreciated its direct location on the market square, close to the start of the Rothaarsteig hiking trail, allowing ease of access to both the vibrant life of the town and the serene beauty of the surrounding Sauerland countryside. The rooms are noted to be in a well-renovated condition, offering enough space and sanitary facilities that are described as impeccable.

The experience at the hotel is enhanced by culinary offerings, such as a rich breakfast buffet, which can be enjoyed on the outdoor terrace and house specialities like herbal liqueurs, home-baked cakes, and tarts. Reviews often highlight the breakfast as being "incredibly tasty" and offering a broad and satisfying selection. Additionally, the staff of Hotel Starke Brilon garners praise for their friendliness, helpfulness, and courtesy, fostering a warm and welcoming environment. However, some reviews noted minor issues such as an outdated room decor and a neighbor dispute regarding parking, illustrating that while the overall experience is often positive, there may be small inconveniences to navigate during a stay.

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