The Best Hotels in Dörentrup

The best 3 star hotels in Dörentrup

Landhaus Begatal

Nestled in the serene settings of Lipperland, the Landhaus Begatal invites travelers for a cozy and tranquil retreat. This family-run hotel is ideal for both business and leisure travelers seeking solace and relaxation. The familiar and warm ambiance of the hotel is particularly cherished by groups of friends and clubs. Numerous reviews highlight the clean, modern-equipped rooms and the friendly, accommodating staff that adds to the comforting experience. The sumptuous breakfast buffet, featuring fresh, high-quality products is often praised. Additionally, the hotel boasts an easily accessible location with ample parking space, adding to the convenience for the guests.

The culinary journey at Landhaus Begatal's restaurant is a delightful surprise, as per many reviews. With a blend of excellent service and delicious food, it stands as a highlight for many visitors. The comforting beds ensure a restful sleep, making the stay more enjoyable. Some guests have shown a preference for a more varied buffet and the inclusion of wifi, although these factors didn’t majorly impinge on the positive experience. The décor, although a bit dated, is well-maintained and the rooms are appreciated for their cleanliness. The serene atmosphere coupled with friendly staff has influenced many to express a desire for a return visit, establishing Landhaus Begatal as a delightful choice for a peaceful getaway.