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The Best Hotels in Elgersburg

The best 3 star hotels in Elgersburg

Visitors to the Thuringian Forest may find a tranquil and picturesque stay at the Hotel Am Wald -GARNI-. Nestled in the quaint village of Elgersburg, this 3-star hotel boasts not only a serene setting but also a range of amenities designed for both relaxation and recreation. With wellness facilities including a sauna and a sunbathing area, as well as active pursuits facilitated by a bowling alley, guests have a spectrum of activities to choose from. Proximity to local attractions like the Elgersburg Castle and accessibility to hiking and bicycle trails make it a strategic spot for explorers.

Guest reviews highlight the hotel's commitment to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment, with specific commendation for the friendly and helpful staff. The breakfast, noted to be “great and rich,” emerges as a particular point of praise among guests, though some pointed out minor issues with certain food items. The rooms are celebrated for their spaciousness, cleanliness, and in some instances, the enchanting views they offer. Some reviewers pointed out small areas for improvement, such as the availability of a fridge in the room or additional shower amenities, but overall, the hotel receives hearty recommendations for its calm locale, ample facilities, and attentive service.

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