The Best Hotels in Fleringen

The best 3 star hotels in Fleringen

Nestled on the forest's edge in the scenic Eifel region, Hotel Schoos presents a tranquil getaway with a blend of modern conveniences and hearty hospitality. The family-run establishment promises a comfortable stay, with rooms boasting modern amenities such as WiFi, cable internet access, and Smart TVs. Guests have appreciated its location, providing magnificent views of rolling fields and acting as a favorable base, especially for motorbike enthusiasts due to the availability of garage parking. The culinary offerings at the hotel’s restaurant, particularly regional delicacies, have been a hit among visitors, complemented by a commendable wine list.

Notwithstanding its simplicity, the hotel’s cleanliness and well-maintained environment have consistently caught the attention of guests. The swimming pool and saunas, albeit receiving minor feedback regarding water temperature, largely serve as refreshing zones of relaxation. However, some reviews noted a few downsides, including an instance of somewhat curt service in the restaurant and the permeation of smoke smells due to permitted smoking in the bar area. A noticeable consistency in the reviews is the appreciation for the excellent food and the friendly nature of most staff members. While a handful of guests mentioned encountering minor issues like outdated bathrooms and internet connectivity issues, the overarching sentiment leans toward positive experiences, with many expressing eagerness to return.