The Best Hotels in Floß

The best 3 star hotels in Floß

Meister BÄR HOTEL Ostbayern

Meister BÄR HOTEL Ostbayern, comfortably nestled in the serene village of Floß in Eastern Bavaria, boasts a 3-star rating and provides a cozy getaway with a traditional ambience. Situated directly on the village square, this historically rich building has witnessed transitions from a town hall to a bakery before transforming into the welcoming hotel it is today. The establishment provides access to modern comforts, including Wi-Fi, in a backdrop that whispers tales of the past. Moreover, with bicycle hire available directly from the hotel, guests can readily explore the lush green environs of the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria.

Guest reviews consistently praise the hotel for its superior staff service, particularly noting their kindness and dedication. One guest recounted a helpful incident where the staff assisted in retrieving a forgotten taxi invoice. Notwithstanding, there are mentions of areas that hint at a need for refurbishment, such as the rooms and particularly the bathrooms, where aspects like shower curtains illustrate a somewhat dated aesthetic. Although the hotel and its restaurant have faced challenges and adaptations due to the impacts of Covid-19, reviewers highlight the generous and delightful breakfast offerings. However, potential guests are advised to verify the operational status of the restaurant, especially during weekdays and public holidays, to ensure availability of on-site dining.