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The Best Hotels in Forst (Lausitz)

The best 3 star hotels in Forst (Lausitz)

Guests seeking a serene retreat often find solace at Hotel Haufe, located in the tranquil rose town of Forst. This privately-operated establishment not only assures a peaceful stay but also provides a range of services catered to a variety of visitors, including tour groups and cycling enthusiasts. The accessibility of the rooms and the hotel’s overall commitment to ensuring a trouble-free stay make it notable. Besides its commendable facilities, which include a sauna, the hotel prides itself on its culinary offerings, featuring a wholesome breakfast and other dining options upon request.

Delving into the reviews, visitors repeatedly applaud the Hotel Haufe for its hospitable and accommodating staff, spotlighting their friendliness and helpfulness. The hotel’s culinary offerings, especially the breakfast, are often met with high praise, and the on-site restaurant is noted to be a reliable option in a town with limited alternatives. Guests also appreciated the tidy and peaceful ambiance of both the rooms and the property, although a few noted the room size might be slightly compact. Overall, the reviews point towards a clean, quiet, and hospitable environment, with some minor areas for improvement in the realm of culinary offerings and room size.

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