The Best Hotels in Frankenhain (Geratal)

The best 3 star hotels in Frankenhain (Geratal)

Hotel am Gisselgrund

The Hotel am Gisselgrund garners appreciation for its serene location in Frankenhain, enveloped by the enchanting Thuringian Forest. This 3-star hotel is noted for providing a peaceful stay with its cozy garden and comfortably furnished rooms that feature balconies. The place is not just an accommodation but a delightful culinary stop as well, boasting two stylish dining areas where guests can savor regional specialties and select from a range of fine wines. Notably, the hotel’s strategic location near the A71 motorway facilitates effortless excursions to Erfurt and various nature parks.

Visitors commend the hotel's blend of calm ambiance and attentive service. Reviewers, including repeat visitors, express satisfaction with aspects such as the commendable cleanliness and the warm, friendly disposition of the staff. The hotel's restaurant receives positive mentions, not only for its delectable meals but also for providing the convenience of having good food right at the stay-place, while the availability of amenities like an onsite parking space adds to the convenience. Guests have shared that they felt “very welcome and comfortable” and several have shown a keen interest in revisiting, finding the overall experience “very nice” and appreciating the cozy and family-run ethos of the hotel.