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Beautiful home in Krems II-Warderbrck

Stunning home in Krems II-Warderbrck with 2 Bedrooms, Sauna, and WiFi

Nice home in Krems II-Warderbrück

Stunning home in Krems II-Warderbrück

Amazing home in Krems II-Warderbrück

The Beautiful home in Krems II-Warderbrck is conveniently situated in Göls, within the tranquil Schleswig-Holstein region, providing a serene getaway complete with a picturesque terrace. The home ensures a cozy stay through its array of amenities, which include a well-equipped kitchen featuring a dishwasher and microwave, two cleanly kept bathrooms with showers, and an inviting living room adorned with a TV. Notably, the 5-star holiday home supports its guests with free private parking and free WiFi accessible throughout the property.

The 3-bedroom holiday home stands out with its provision of ample space and facilities, allowing for a comfortable and unwinding stay. The facility is not only graced with a generous garden where guests can bask in the calming atmosphere but is also conveniently located with Luebeck Central Station, Holstentor, and Lübeck Airport within manageable distances of 30 km and 41 km respectively. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to mention that a review noted some dissatisfaction with the internet service, which might suggest that while the environment provides a perfect escape into tranquility, the digital connection might come with some interruptions.

The Stunning home in Krems II-Warderbrck with 2 Bedrooms, Sauna, and WiFi is ideally located in the serene Schleswig-Holstein region, offering a quiet retreat away from the bustle. Featuring a terrace and a garden for relaxation, this holiday home ensures guests are provided with notable conveniences and comforts, including a fully-equipped kitchen, a welcoming living room with a TV, and a bathroom with a shower. Moreover, the property ensures peace of mind with free private parking and continuous connectivity through free WiFi across the premises.

Reviewers have frequently highlighted the modern, well-equipped, and bright nature of the house, appreciating its good room layout and extensive facilities, which include a rare find of a bathroom with a sauna. The house’s style is beautifully conceived and decorated, ensuring a visually pleasing stay. Guests have also applauded the pleasant size of the house and the modern holiday village's tranquility and nature. However, some critiques include the quick heating of the house in hot weather, resulting in it becoming uncomfortably warm, and the absence of nearby shopping facilities, necessitating pre-planning or a vehicle for grocery runs. Additionally, one review lamented the total absence of WiFi throughout their stay and a lack of clear communication and apology regarding this issue.

Nice home in Krems II-Warderbrück entices travelers with its wellness-focused offerings, namely its inclusive sauna and serene location in Göls. Guests can luxuriate in a 2-bedroom holiday home, which comes equipped with a living room, a fully-furnished kitchen, and a bathroom. The home is conveniently proximate to several key locations, including Lübeck Central Station and Holstentor. A terrace and complimentary private parking only enhance its allure.

Reviewers express satisfaction with its harmonious furnishings and uncomplicated key handover. While they praised the sauna and the sufficiency of the kitchen utensils and dishes, some noted a lack of basic supplies like salt, pepper, and additional toilet rolls. This was particularly emphasized considering the absence of nearby shopping facilities, and future guests might appreciate a heads up regarding this minor inconvenience.

The Stunning home in Krems II-Warderbrück with 3 Bedrooms and Sauna has been acknowledged for its beautiful, cozy, and clean interior, situated amidst a peaceful and relaxing location in Göls. It provides free private parking and access to a terrace, alongside comforting amenities within the 3-bedroom holiday home, which includes a living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and two bathrooms. Its proximity to Luebeck Central Station and Holstentor is also of note.

Guests have expressed joy in its quiet location, ample space, and proximity to a bathing area. However, some feedback has surfaced regarding a few lacking kitchen utensils, such as a whisk and sharp knives, and the absence of fly screens on windows and doors. Moreover, suggestions for improvements like installing a fence in the garden for the convenience of guests with pets or small children, and upgrading the internet connection due to its reported instability, have been noted.

Amazing home in Krems II-Warderbrück ensures a tranquil stay with its 3-bedroom holiday home, which boasts of a sauna, a spacious living room, a fully stocked kitchen, and two bathrooms. The property is located in Göls and is commendably close to Luebeck Central Station and Holstentor. Guests have access to a terrace and the convenience of free private parking.

The lone available review appreciates the nice house with its terrace and emphasizes pleasurable swimming in the lake. However, due to the scarcity of reviews, prospective visitors might find it worthwhile to explore further, ensuring the property meets their individual or group needs, especially concerning detailed experiences or potential minor inconveniences during their stay.