The Best Hotels in Güglingen

The best 3 star hotels in Güglingen

Herzogskelter Restaurant Hotel

Set within the quaint vicinity of Güglingen and a manageable distance of 22 km from Heilbronn Central Station, the Herzogskelter Restaurant Hotel establishes itself as a cozy, 3-star accommodation providing not only a pleasant stay but also a gastronomic journey through its in-house restaurant serving delectable German cuisine. Emphasizing comfort and accessibility, the hotel offers non-smoking rooms, free WiFi across the property, room service, and a terrace where guests can unwind. Moreover, the incorporation of family rooms and the availability of luggage storage space ensure a hassle-free experience for travelers of all kinds.

Reviews generally paint a positive picture of the hotel, frequently highlighting its pristine cleanliness, amiable staff, and the delightful atmosphere of both the accommodations and the restaurant. Guests have spoken highly of the appetizing food and were particularly pleased with the variety of breakfast options, although some wished for a slightly extended breakfast service time. The convenient presence of a parking lot and the nearby restaurant were also acknowledged as notable advantages. A few critiques pointed towards the late check-in times and room-specific feedback, such as comments on the carpeting, but overall, visitors seem to cherish their stays at Herzogskelter.