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The Best Hotels in Helgoland

The best 4 star hotels in Helgoland

Immersed in maritime charm, Hotel Rickmers' Insulaner grants guests a serene retreat with its nautically-themed rooms, each bearing the name of a German island, and offering views of either the refreshing sea or tranquil garden. Not only celebrated for its intimate and peaceful ambiance, the 4-star hotel situated on the North Sea island of Helgoland, boasts a prime location near the iconic Hummerbuden row houses, granting explorers easy access to local attractions. Guests commence their day with a fulfilling visit to the breakfast buffet, included in the room price, at the elegant Galerie restaurant, where they are treated to a splendid harbour view. Furthermore, the free Wi-Fi access throughout the premises keeps guests connected, ensuring they can share their delightful experiences on the island.

Visitors have lauded the hotel for its excellent breakfast offerings and commendable dining experiences in the evening, particularly highlighting the freshly prepared fish and lobster dishes. Reviews echo appreciations for the warm, welcoming, and friendly staff, paired with the great location that provides scenic sea views and good-sized rooms equipped with an array of complimentary items. However, some visitors pointed out areas for improvement, such as the shape and size of beds in some rooms and price considerations, reflecting a spectrum of varied experiences at the hotel. The majority find comfort in its quietness, deeming it a “big plus” and express a willingness to return, while a few have pointed out discrepancies in service and facilities such as room service and luggage storage, revealing a mosaic of predominantly pleasant stays with sprinklings of constructive feedback.

The best 3 star hotels in Helgoland

The Rungholt Hotel, nestled quietly on the serene island of Helgoland, offers a retreat accompanied by the soothing sounds and views of the North Sea. Characterized by its sun terrace, bright and homey rooms, some of which are equipped with a balcony or terrace, it ensures a cozy stay for its guests. The breakfast room, modern and accompanied by stunning sea views, serves a delightful buffet each morning, and guests are treated to homemade cakes in the afternoon. Additionally, a shared lounge fitted with a flat-screen TV and DVD player invites relaxed evenings after exploring nearby attractions like the Helgoland Museum, which is just 750 meters away.

Visitors have expressed their pleasure with the extensive and fresh breakfast offerings, highlighting the ability to fulfill individual wishes and the option to enjoy meals indoors or out, basking in the scenic views. The staff has been commended for their friendliness, thoughtfulness, and willingness to go the extra mile in ensuring a delightful stay. The rooms, though large enough for two and presenting beautiful harbour views, have been noted for their clean bathrooms. Despite the generally positive feedback, some guests have noted areas for improvement such as the mattresses being worn out and a wish for more robust coffee at breakfast, while the occasional mention of room and kitchen updates reflects areas that could enhance the overall guest experience.

The Hotel auf den Hummerklippen offers a quintessential retreat nestled in an elevated location on the North Sea island of Helgoland, a mere 15-minute stroll from Helgoland Harbour. Notably inspired by the famous book, "Hotel auf den Hummerklippen" (Hotel on the Lobster Cliffs) by Helgoland author James Krüss, the hotel imbibes a cultural ambiance, dedicating each room to famous writers and equipping them with amenities like a TV, telephone, tea/coffee facilities, a minibar, safe, and complimentary WiFi. The classic décor permeates a sense of timeless elegance while ensuring that guests' stays are enveloped in comfort and convenience. The Timm Thaler room, renowned for its enchanting view of the North Sea, invites guests to relish a buffet breakfast and regularly hosts readings, typically accompanied by tea and scones.

Guest reviews frequently extol the “perfect location” and commend the “really friendly and helpful staff”, while also highlighting the “very good breakfast”. Visitors appreciated the attention to detail in room amenities, mentioning specifics such as “2 different sizes of pillows” and the inclusion of waterproof tea and coffee facilities. While the breakfast earns consistent praise for its quality and variety, and the rooms and location are frequently lauded as “great”, some reviews indicated areas for improvement such as enhancing organization during breakfast service. Additionally, the splendid view, especially during breakfast, was spotlighted as a notable highlight of stays, with expressions like “Die Aussicht war sensationell” (The view was sensational). The narratives also praised the “tastefully furnished” rooms and the availability of conveniences like free minibar items and communal gatherings, yet critiques regarding “small rooms” and suggestions for cleaning or updating certain areas were also present, painting a thorough picture of balanced guest experiences.

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