The Best Hotels in Hooksiel (Wangerland)

The best 3 star hotels in Hooksiel (Wangerland)

Hotel Packhaus

Located in the serene locale of Hooksiel, just a short distance from the beach, Hotel Packhaus offers not just a stay, but an experience combined with convenience and a dash of local adventure. The property assures a worry-free stay with amenities like free WiFi, free private parking, a restaurant, and even barbecue facilities. The rooms come equipped with a variety of comforts including a flat-screen TV, private bathroom, and a hairdryer. Additionally, its proximity to various points of interest, such as the castle of Jever and Stadthalle Wilhelmshaven, makes it a strategic spot for tourists.

Reviews highlight the scenic and peaceful location of the hotel, often describing it as "idyllic" and noting its closeness to a quaint small harbor, indicating a potentially soothing and picturesque stay. The breakfast, especially its fish offerings, has been lauded for its quality and variety. However, the views on the staff's friendliness seem to vary, with some finding them quite welcoming, while a few others felt the service, particularly at breakfast, was lacking. A few guests pointed out the necessity of updating certain areas of the hotel, including bathrooms and aspects of the rooms, mentioning issues like smaller-than-preferred shower cabins and visible wear in parts of the room. Despite some areas for improvement, the family-friendly environment and strategic, tranquil location could potentially outweigh the cons for visitors looking to explore Hooksiel and its surrounds.