The Best Hotels in Isny im Allgäu

The best 4 star hotels in Isny im Allgäu

Schloss Neutrauchburg

Berghotel Jägerhof ****S

Schloss Neutrauchburg offers a refined blend of traditional allure and contemporary convenience, set within the picturesque landscape of the Allgäu countryside. This 4-star palace hotel, located in the climatic health resort of Isny-Neutrauchburg, presents elegant accommodation, an extensive garden, and exceptional cuisine, encapsulating a unique ambiance and indulgent comfort. Guests have extolled the stylish, tastefully furnished rooms that demonstrate a meticulous attention to detail and the splendid mix of historical charm with modern amenities. Reviews also highlight the hotel’s “style, great staff, and history” while calling attention to the “large and perfectly equipped” rooms.

Many reviews underscore the hotel's rich history, museal character, and exceptional aesthetics, with particular admiration for its “beautiful parks” and “historic ambiance.” However, varied experiences are reported regarding the dining options and service quality; while some guests praise the “adequate and very good” breakfast and the serene location despite its proximity to the road, others note a lack of dining facilities in the evening and inconsistencies in staff communication and service. Furthermore, reviewers appreciated the availability of parking, even for larger vehicles, and the tranquil ambiance, citing the rooms to be “very quiet” despite the road’s presence. In contrast, a few reviews mentioned concerns related to environmental friendliness and maintenance, such as lights operating throughout the night in corridors.

The Berghotel Jägerhof ****S ensures a secluded and tranquil stay, situated atop a picturesque hill and embraced by lush forestry. The expansive hotel complex boasts three amalgamated buildings, embodying a rich, elegant country-style decor, and is encased by meticulously cared for gardens. It proudly stands away from bustling through-traffic, guaranteeing guests a peaceful escape, and is praised for its striking sun terrace which provides unparalleled panoramic views from the Allgäu, across the Bregenz Forest, to the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps. Guests regularly commend the serene location, and the terrace view appears to be a defining highlight, offering a breathtaking backdrop especially while enjoying the highly applauded breakfast.

Diving into the reviews, visitors consistently extol the hotel’s culinary offerings, from the extensively varied breakfast to the delectable dinner buffets, which all seem to be a feast for the senses. Many guests highlighted the impeccable cleanliness throughout the entire complex, including the well-maintained swimming pool and comfortable, neat rooms. However, some reviews noted a few areas for potential improvement, such as the lack of air conditioning during hot weather and certain rooms having outdated or aged furnishings. A few guests expressed disappointment with room views and voiced that the evening buffet, while delicious, was somewhat obligatory due to the lack of alternative dining options on certain days, impacting the perceived value-for-money.

The best 3 star hotels in Isny im Allgäu

Brauereigasthof Engel

At the heart of Isny, the Brauereigasthof Engel is a traditional, family-run hotel that not only offers cozy country-style rooms but also entices guests with its own brewery and popular Allgäu dishes. An appeal to authenticity and old-world charm is palpable through its soundproofed, non-smoking rooms adorned with modern bathrooms and a splendid decoration that resonates with times gone by throughout the building. A day at this hotel begins with a generous breakfast buffet, whereas gastronomy takes a delightful turn with Allgäu dishes and fresh beers in the Engel’s Bräustüble and Hopfenstube dining areas. The hotel’s vicinity to the old town— a mere 5-minute walk— and the scenic Lake Constance, 30 km away, ensures that visitors are never too far from a delightful excursion.

Many reviews shower praise upon the hospitable nature of the establishment, highlighting a very friendly and super helpful staff, making the stay delightful and worth revisiting. Guests have warmly commented on aspects such as the available spacious family rooms, the scrumptious breakfast, and the overall neatness of the accommodation. On a similar note, the refrigerators in the corridor, offering a variety of in-house beers, and the notable decor from a previous era throughout the house received honorable mentions from visitors. The proximity to the city center, which is only a 5-minute walk, also adds a layer of convenience for exploring nearby attractions and indulging in local experiences.