The Best Hotels in Isselburg

The best 4 star hotels in Isselburg

Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg Anholt

The Romantik Parkhotel Wasserburg Anholt provides a truly unique and historic experience for its guests, nestled within an impressive 35 hectares of picturesque grounds and offering stylish rooms amidst an atmosphere steeped in the elegance of the 17th century. Visitors are captivated by the meticulous preservation of its baroque-style gardens and the adjacent castle, which hosts an intriguing art collection and is enveloped by a tranquil moat. While the ambiance of antiquity is well preserved, the hotel’s restaurant dazzles with a glass façade, presenting diners with stunning views while they enjoy creative, regional cuisine. Furthermore, the park, which encircles this monumental property, can be explored freely by guests, with tickets available at reception, offering a leisurely escape into nature.

Reviews highlight a genuine appreciation for the peaceful and clean environment, noting that the experience of staying in a 17th-century building is unparalleled and enchanting. The restaurant, which allows guests to dine with a view of the moat, received commendation for its first-class offerings and was mentioned as a pleasant surprise to several visitors. Many guests have highlighted the well-maintained castle and grounds, commenting on the serene and special experience it provides. On the other hand, some guests noted certain aspects that could be improved, such as the functionality of facilities like the elevator and the perceived value, considering the room sizes and prices. Nonetheless, the blend of antiquity with modern elements and the “pure romance” of the venue have been celebrated as successfully achieved, offering a harmonious balance between the past and the present.

The best 3 star hotels in Isselburg

Hotel Krasemann

Located near the picturesque Werther Mühle windmill and along the serene Issel river in Werth, the Hotel Krasemann provides a cozy and homely atmosphere that radiates through its comfortably furnished accommodations, which offer amenities like free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and a minibar. Guests, whether they are staying in the hotel’s rooms or its spacious apartments, which cater for up to 6 people without a kitchen and 4 people with a kitchen, have expressed a particular fondness for the beautifully huge rooms and new, modern bathrooms. A frequently highlighted feature is the garden and river terrace where guests can revel in refreshing drinks and meals during the summer, while the colder weather invites diners to enjoy their meals in the cozy restaurant with a conservatory.

Based on reviews, guests commend the hotel for its friendly and quiet environment, complemented by its delicious, albeit succinct breakfast offerings and pleasing dinner by the water. Not only do the rooms emanate a pleasant and inviting aura, but the environment also basks in quietude, surrounded by charming old buildings including the tower windmill, old town hall, and church, all contributing to a tranquil and delightful stay. However, some visitors have pointed out a few areas for improvement, such as the availability of hot water in the showers and the proximity of the parking space, but overall, experiences like enjoying a hearty meal at the hotel, exploring the peaceful surroundings, and receiving prompt service like immediate provision of extra blankets upon request have left guests feeling very comfortable at the Hotel Krasemann.