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The Best Hotels in Kleve

The best 4 star hotels in Kleve

Situated in the historic town of Kleve, just 15 km away from the Dutch border, the elaya hotel kleve, ehemals The Rilano Hotel Cleve City stands out with its modern amenities and a strategic location that renders it a superb choice for guests desiring to explore both Germany and The Netherlands. Known for providing free WiFi, access to a sauna, and gym facilities, the hotel meticulously combines comfort with convenience. The rooms, adorned in a modern style, provide guests with a seating area and a flat-screen TV, while also offering a paid minibar and a private bathroom equipped with a shower. The proximity of the hotel to the heart of Kleve's Old Town, merely 500 meters away, and the Rhine promenade at a distance of 8 km, adds an element of geographic desirability to its profile.

Visitors have commended the hotel's culinary offerings, with the Vitello restaurant being a notable highlight, serving a variety of grilled dishes and specialities from the Lower Rhine area, while mamma minuti, the hotel's pasta bar, offers a selection of pasta dishes and light beverages. Reviews have elucidated the significant appreciation for several facets of the hotel including its cleanliness, the helpful nature of the staff, and the tasteful breakfast offerings. However, some visitors have expressed their concerns about specific elements such as the visibility of the shower to the room, which some found uncomfortable, and issues related to the parking facility. Nonetheless, the general tone of feedback leans towards the positive, especially praising its location, modern aesthetic, and the helpful nature of the reception staff.

The best 3 star hotels in Kleve

Nestled in the charming, historic town of Kleve near the German-Dutch border, the Akzent City-Hotel Kleve emerges as a traveler-friendly 3-star accommodation, strategically located just a brief journey away from Nijmegen. Guests have praised the hotel’s centralized locale, with some noting the proximity to the city center and the ease of walking to main attractions. The establishment provides both standard and superior rooms, where the latter is embellished with box spring beds and air conditioning. Visitors particularly appreciate the hearty breakfast buffet, modern amenities in rooms like clean bathrooms, and the availability of on-site paid parking.

With a pervading old-world charm that some visitors found delightful, the hotel has also garnered appreciation for its clean and tidy rooms, coupled with outstanding staff members who are described as friendly, attentive, and helpful across multiple reviews. Although some guests found aspects to critique, such as the absence of a minibar and the offering of smaller showers, others commended the superior rooms and recently updated bathrooms. The ambient tranquility, coupled with the hotel’s location, make it conducive for exploring nearby bicycle routes, golf facilities, and absorbing the rich history and natural surroundings of Kleve.

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