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The Best Hotels in Lichtenwalde (Niederwiesa)

The best 4 star hotels in Lichtenwalde (Niederwiesa)

Hotel am Schlosspark Lichtenwalde

Adjoining the lush Lichtenwalde Castle and its splendid Baroque gardens, Hotel am Schlosspark Lichtenwalde is a contemporary 4-star hotel that lavishes its guests with an array of amenities and a stunning visual environment. The facility boasts non-smoking rooms, each outfitted with free WiFi, splendid views of the surrounding countryside, and a private bathroom, facilitating a comfortable and serene stay. The property exudes a modern aesthetic, notably through its prevalent use of glass and a striking purple color scheme, as highlighted by one of the reviewers.

Visitors frequently express admiration for various aspects of their stay, particularly noting the positive attributes such as a tranquil room environment with picturesque views of beautiful fields, and a commendable level of cleanliness throughout the hotel premises. The reviews also make frequent mention of the delectable breakfast and efficient staff, who consistently uphold a standard of friendliness and professionalism. While most experiences recounted from stay at the Hotel am Schlosspark Lichtenwalde are positive, a few guests noted areas for improvement, such as clearer directions within the hotel and enhanced availability and accessibility of dining options within the facility.