The Best Hotels in Ludorf (Südmüritz)

The best 3 star hotels in Ludorf (Südmüritz)

Flair Seehotel Zielow

Flair Seehotel Zielow, serenely nestled directly on Lake Müritz, offers a tranquil escape with a plethora of amenities and activities to create an idyllic stay. With its private beach, a capacious garden that homes horses, and a spa area that boasts a heated indoor pool, the hotel provides an encompassing experience of relaxation and recreation. Traditional Pomeranian dishes and a robust daily breakfast buffet are served in the hotel’s rustic-style restaurant, where guests can also indulge in dining and sipping drinks on the terrace that offers sweeping views of the lake. The rooms are described as bright and spacious, featuring amenities such as a TV, telephone, and Wi-Fi available for an additional fee.

Embraced by nature, the hotel garners praise for its quiet location, enabling guests to enjoy breakfast on the terrace with direct views of the lake and paddock, as well as proximity to the national park. Reviews emphasize the impeccable views and the intimate experiences with cranes and other wild birds, all while appreciating the access to beach chairs and the lake. Despite the serene seclusion, the hotel is only 20 km from the A19 Motorway, connecting to Rostock in about an hour. Praise is also showered upon the wellness area, which includes swimming and sauna facilities, the latter offering views over the lake, and upon the culinary experiences at the hotel, with particular acclamation for the dinner offerings. Yet, some guests highlighted areas for improvement, such as a wider variety in dining options and improvements in facilities like the swimming pool and bike storage.