The Best Hotels in Marktoberdorf

The best 4 star hotels in Marktoberdorf

Das Weitblick Allgäu

The Das Weitblick Allgäu stands majestically in Marktoberdorf, providing a serene accommodation with a spectacular view, especially for rooms with a mountain view. A well-reputed establishment for its admirable hospitality and delightful little touches, such as welcoming guests with cake and water, this hotel not only promises a visual feast of the Bavarian Alps but also luxurious facilities. Guests have praised the meticulous cleanliness of the rooms, especially the bathrooms, and the availability of a balcony to fully absorb the encompassing scenic beauty. The hotel doesn't just offer a stay; it offers a full experience with its outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre, garden, terrace, sauna, and hammam, ensuring that every moment spent is one of leisure and luxury.

Reviewers have highlighted the exceptional service, notably the friendly and professional personnel, and the culinary experience, with a particular emphasis on the deliciousness and variety of the breakfast and dinner offerings. The spa and wellness area has been hailed for its modernity, cleanliness, and tranquillity, providing a perfect relaxation spot amidst the quietude and serenity offered by the surrounding Alps. Even though the hotel seems to excel in multiple areas, offering a commendable blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, a few reviews mention minor drawbacks such as the lack of specific amenities in the room and long waiting times at the restaurant. Nonetheless, the general consensus leans heavily towards a splendid experience, with many expressing a keen desire to revisit.

The best 3 star hotels in Marktoberdorf

Hotel St. Martin

Hotel St. Martin presents itself as a cozy, family-friendly 3-star hotel nestled in Marktoberdorf, a well-known health resort in the eastern part of Bavaria’s Allgäu region. Offering non-smoking rooms equipped with all modern amenities, some of which even boast a balcony, the hotel establishes a warm and welcoming environment for its guests. Visitors often find themselves enveloped in the scenic countryside, with opportunities for hiking and cycling, or choosing to unwind in the serene hotel garden or solarium. The warmth extends to the beer garden, which becomes a friendly gathering spot in fine weather, providing a comfortable and appealing atmosphere for relaxation.

Reviews consistently highlight the pleasant and amiable nature of the staff, with one traveler sharing a delightful experience where the hotel madam warmed their supermarket dinner and provided plates and a cutlery set, reflecting genuine hospitality. The breakfast buffet at Hotel St. Martin is repeatedly praised for both its variety and quality, meeting and often exceeding guests' expectations. Cyclists and motorbike riders have also found the hotel particularly accommodating, with even a private garage offered for bike storage, suggesting a keenness to serve diverse traveler needs. Despite its slightly distant location from the main station, the hotel seems to have left a positive, lasting impression on numerous visitors.