The Best Hotels in Neckarzimmern

The best 4 star hotels in Neckarzimmern

Hotel-Restaurant Burg Hornberg

The Hotel-Restaurant Burg Hornberg is nestled in the historic Burg Hornberg fortress, providing a unique accommodation experience in a setting that overlooks the scenic Neckertal valley and encircling vineyards. Dating back to the 11th century, the hotel maintains a quaint charm through its elegant rooms adorned with traditional wooden furnishings and attractive floral fabrics. Some rooms offer balconies that open up to splendid views of the forest or valley. Guests have praised the inclusivity of Wi-Fi and a delightful breakfast buffet in the room rate, along with the provision of free parking. The hotel restaurant not only indulges visitors with international and regional specialties but also mesmerizes with a panoramic view of the region, notably enhanced during summer when served on the terrace.

The tranquility of the area is enriched by peaceful hiking trails passing right by the fortress, and for golf enthusiasts, an 18-hole golf course is situated a short drive away in Bad Rappenau. Guests have found the hotel to exude a private, quiet atmosphere located in a historic castle which one can explore. The restaurant receives a special mention for its fantastic view and quality cuisine, providing a dining experience that some found to be beyond their expectations for the region. The hospitality and friendliness of the staff, making guests feel at home, were frequently highlighted in the reviews. However, the comfort of the beds and the room temperature were points that saw room for improvement, along with a preference for more straightforward check-in instructions. Nonetheless, the unique location, historical allure, and warm service seem to provide a memorable stay, with many cherishing the breathtaking views, especially during breakfast on the restaurant terrace.