The Best Hotels in Roetgen

The best 3 star hotels in Roetgen

Hotel Eifelsteig

Hotel Eifelsteig invites guests into a realm of relaxation and naturist spa experiences, nestled in Roetgen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Located strategically 42 km from Maastricht and 16 km from Aachen, it allows visitors to unwind amidst 7 saunas and 5 swimming pools, including a specialty saltwater pool, while also offering ease of access to various destinations. The simplicity and charm of the rooms, equipped with TVs and private bathrooms, complement the tranquility sought in the serene surroundings. Adding to the allure, a sun terrace offers a spot to bask and a bar to enjoy refreshing beverages. Furthermore, guests noted the excellent value for money, highlighting the helpful staff and especially appreciating the ground floor rooms in the annexe.

On the flip side, a critical lens was cast over several aspects based on guest feedback. The potential accessibility challenges for disabled patrons, due to steep steps at various points including the entrance and access to upper floors, were cited as areas needing clearer communication on the booking platform. The issue of noise was a recurrent theme in reviews, with mentions of a knocking sound during the night, noise from the busy road, and lack of soundproofing causing disturbances. However, despite some criticisms, many found value in the good quality breakfast and praised the clean and comfortable rooms. The spa, often highlighted as fantastic, provides an all-nude pool experience, supported by an array of saunas, contributing to an ultimately relaxing stay for those who embrace the naturist approach.