The Best Hotels in Roßhaupten

The best 4 star hotels in Roßhaupten

Hotel Kaufmann

The Hotel Kaufmann after undergoing extensive renovations and expansions, now shines anew in the pristine nature of the Allgäu region at Lake Forggensee. The thoughtful and meticulous detail work using traditional materials has turned the hotel into an architectural gem without compromising the splendid panoramic views of the surrounding alpine landscape. With its full-style country house rooms, excellent cuisine, and a beautifully crafted wellness area, the hotel provides an all-encompassing, perfect wellness vacation.

Guests have overwhelmingly praised the hotel for its beautiful location, excellent food, and the amazing wellness facilities, which includes a spa area that several reviewers highlighted as “beautiful” and “very nice”. Notably, the staff's friendliness and attentiveness are frequently mentioned, enhancing the warm, welcoming atmosphere. One of the guests specifically expressed gratitude towards a wonderful waitress who made their trip even better, and others commended the hearty service and excellent cuisine. However, a few visitors mentioned that they found the hotel a bit isolated from town and suggested improvements like the inclusion of air conditioning and more variety in the breakfast buffet.

The best 3 star hotels in Roßhaupten

Set amidst the tranquil and enchanting Allgäu village of Roßhaupten, the Haflingerhof invites guests into a world of Bavarian charm and tradition. Notable for its spacious rooms and apartments, which provide modern amenities such as TV and contemporary bathrooms, some quarters also present stunning views from private balconies. Visitors can immerse themselves in the culture and spirited ambiance, reflected through the staff dressed in traditional Bavarian attire and a vividly decorative environment. A special mention is often made about their welcoming gestures like a personalized note and a departing gift of homemade marmalade, which particularly enchants guests.

The Haflingerhof further elevates the vacation experience by offering a rich daily breakfast buffet and treating guests to authentic regional dishes and local beers in their Bauernstube restaurant and conservatory. Numerous reviews lavishly praise the gastronomic experiences, detailing the ample choices and cooked-to-order options, such as scrambled eggs, at breakfast, and the deliciously diverse dinner menus. Though the comfort of the bedding has received mixed reviews, the general feedback from travellers underscores large, clean rooms and commendable bathroom facilities. However, light sleepers have expressed disturbances from a nearby church bell and the kitchen underneath certain rooms.

Travellers commend Haflingerhof for its familial atmosphere, offering not only a visual feast of traditional décor but also creating engaging experiences through its horse riding and carriage driving classes. The location strategically positions travellers to explore the various hiking and cycling routes that meander through the enchanting Allgäu countryside. With regard to family and outdoor enthusiasts, reviews are expressive about the enjoyable and superlative experiences they had. For families, there is an acknowledgment of the child-friendly atmosphere and for nature lovers, the idyllic setting of the hotel, surrounded by the stunning vistas of the Allgäu Alps, offers an incomparable retreat into nature’s lap.

Feedback on the rooms, particularly regarding their size, modern rustic aesthetic, and provisions like a minibar and fly screens on windows, has been notably positive. The very approachable and accommodating staff also earn frequent accolades in reviews, adding to the warmth and welcoming nature that seems to characterize the Haflingerhof. Despite some reviews pointing out minor inconveniences such as an occasional noisy vent fan or less-than-perfect mattresses, the general consensus leans heavily towards a glowing recommendation of the hotel, citing its excellent service, delightful culinary offerings, and serene location as notable highlights.