The Best Hotels in Selb

The best 3 star hotels in Selb

Schade's Wohlfühlhotel

Schade's Wohlfühlhotel is embedded in the tranquil Franconian countryside, offering guests a peaceful retreat with spacious, modern rooms and complimentary access to the sauna and fitness facilities. Several guests have commended the hotel's scrumptious and bountiful breakfast, with one mentioning its "lovingly presented" nature and "plentiful selection." Additionally, the verdant environment, tranquility, and diligent staff have also received positive nods from visitors. The hotel's location is notably serene and lushly green, contributing to a calm and peaceful environment that many travelers have enjoyed. Patrons also appreciate the availability of free parking and electric bike rentals.

The picturesque landscape views from some rooms and the proximity to the Fichtelgebirge mountain range make it a suitable choice for nature lovers and those looking to explore the outdoors, with cycling and hiking paths available for adventurous spirits. The hotel isn't just recognized for its pleasant location but also for its excellent culinary offerings at the in-house Schmankerl Stubn Restaurant, which specializes in fresh game and fish dishes. On a different note, some reviewers have mentioned that the hotel is a bit tricky to find as it is accessed through a courtyard, and while the location is admired by some, others note it is somewhat removed from the city center. Still, the pervasive feedback accentuates friendly, polite, and very accommodating ownership, creating a warm, familial atmosphere that has been highlighted in numerous reviews.