The Best Hotels in Steinfurt

The best 4 star hotels in Steinfurt

Hotel-Restaurant Schünemann

Nestled in the Borghorst district of Steinfurt, Hotel-Restaurant Schünemann provides a quaint yet opulent getaway in the heart of the Münsterland province. This family-operated establishment not only prides itself on its traditional foundation but also offers a range of modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for its guests. With a new fully air-conditioned restaurant that can accommodate 150 guests and an array of luxurious dining options, guests can revel in the culinary delights that are celebrated in several reviews. Furthermore, the rich breakfast buffet is a highlighted feature that aims to set guests up for any activity they choose to engage in within the beautiful, rural surroundings.

Reflecting a thoughtfulness that permeates every detail, from the impressive swimming pool to the meticulous care shown by the staff, it is evident why some guests have continued to choose this hotel for decades. The reviews illuminate aspects such as the spacious, clean rooms, and notable mentions of the friendly staff, which underscore the welcoming and attentive service that seems to characterize the hotel. Despite some minor inconveniences reported, such as issues with shower facilities and early morning services, the hotel’s commitment to providing a pleasant stay through its spa area, sunbathing area, and even a beer garden to relax in the outdoors seems to have resonated positively with many visitors.