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Hotel Pappelhof

Hotel Pappelhof, located 37 km from Nuerburgring in Weidenbach, is celebrated for its serene setting and multi-faceted offerings. With its location providing free private parking, a cozy terrace, and a restaurant all enveloped in beautiful, quiet surroundings, guests have frequently praised its convenient and peaceful location. Reviewers have highly commended the polite, friendly, and responsive staff. Further, its offerings, including family rooms and free WiFi, along with a bar, promise a comfortable and connected stay. Some guests found its proximity, just 15 minutes from Daun, particularly favorable and expressed an eagerness to return.

Despite the numerous positive remarks, some aspects were met with mixed reviews. While many appreciated the spacious rooms, excellent food, and very reasonable pricing, some patrons experienced issues related to cleanliness and comfort. A few reviews mentioned discomfort with the beds and a noted presence of house flies, while others highlighted an issue with the provided address being incorrect. Nonetheless, multiple reviews expressed a sentiment of overall satisfaction, with numerous guests noting the staff's diligence and even going the extra mile to accommodate their requests. The team at Hotel Pappelhof often juggled multiple roles - from bartender to receptionist to waitress, yet maintained a friendly and proactive approach.