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Rothenburg wine village

The Rothenburg Wine Village is held at Grünen Markt and Kirchplatz in the Medieval old city.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber breathes history with every step taken on its cobblestoned streets; steps reverberating in its narrow passageways and quaint alleys. Rothenburg's past – and present -- includes winemaking history as well. Since the early Middle Ages, grapes have been cultivated for wine here. There is a winery that, in addition to offering tastings, also conducts vineyard tours along the Tauber River's vine-planted slopes. As the southernmost growth of Germany's Franken or Franconian appellation, Rothenburg hosts a five-day annual Wine Festival in mid-August.

Rothenburg's Refined Gastronomy and Wine Culture

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Rothenburg's Refined Gastronomy and Wine Culture

The Rothenburger Wine Village has been accorded certification for its high-quality offerings by the food and wine review "100 Genussorte Bayern" – detailing Bavaria's finest 100 traditional, top-rated eateries featuring regional specialities, beers and wines. If fine dining and excellent wine are your things then this even is for you.

As a direct outgrowth of the high-quality requirements demanded of the Weindorf, a wine-culinary initiative was founded in 2015 by nine of Rothenburg's top gastronomic establishments. Named "Geniessen ob der Tauber" (Taste of the Tauber), the initiative celebrates regional products and the sourcing of wine and locally grown ingredients. Preparations featuring fresh, seasonal dishes paired with Franconian wines give Rothenburg's visitors delicious insights into the city's historical, regional cuisine. One special taste treat is the "Fraenkische Versucherle" – the "Franconian Temptation." It is an amuse-bouche consisting of three appetizers paired with three sample pourings of different Franken wines.

Cost is only 20 Euros at partnering restaurants.

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