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Super Bock Super Rock in Portugal

The Super Bock Super Rock was launched more than 25 years ago and has long since established itself as one of the most respected festivals on the Portuguese scene.

In its history, the festival has moved several times to Lisbon and then to a location on the coast south of the capital. While the venue may have changed over time, what remains is the festival's ambition to bring visitors line-ups with some of the best acts in the world.

Despite the festival name, the program includes indie and alternative acts as well as names from pop, electronic music, hip-hop and more. Get ready for international superstars as well as emerging talents from the colourful Portuguese scene.



Sesimbra is a municipality of Portugal, in the Setúbal District and formerly in the historic Estremadura Province, lying at the foothills of the Serra da Arrábida, a mountain range between Setúbal and Sesimbra. Due to its particular position at the Setúbal Bay, near the mouth of the Sado River and its natural harbour, it’s an important fishing town.

Besides professional fishing and sport fishing (mainly of swordfish), the most significant revenues in Sesimbra come from tourism. The town is known for its beaches, fish restaurants and nightlife.

The original name of Celtic origin was Cempsibriga, meaning the high place (briga) of the Celtic tribe the Cempsi.

Close by, on a mountaintop, 240 m (787.40 ft) above sea level, lies strategically (the ruins of) the Moorish castle. It was taken from the Moors, during the Portuguese Reconquista in the year 1165 by king Afonso Henriques with the help of Frank Crusaders. The battlements afford a panorama over Sesimbra, its harbour and the surrounding countryside.

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