The Best Hotels in Northeim

The best 4 star hotels in Northeim

FREIgeist Northeim

FREIgeist Northeim is a modern 4-star hotel nestled in the heart of the Northeim forest. With a strong appeal to golf enthusiasts, it is in close proximity to the Hardenberg Golf Resort. The hotel promises comfort with its cozy rooms, free WiFi, and high-speed internet connections. Additionally, it offers attractive conference and banquet facilities. Enhancing the serene ambiance are the spacious outdoor terraces and the unique chimney bar. Reviews highlight the hotel's idyllic setting with its restaurant overlooking the woods and a small lake. However, some guests expressed wishes for a broader breakfast range and the inclusion of EV chargers in line with the hotel's 'green thinking' theme.

Many reviewers appreciate the cleanliness of the rooms and the professional nature of the staff. Several mentioned the exceptional breakfast experience, but some felt that the meals, particularly dinner, were overpriced. A common point of contention was the lack of garden views in certain rooms, despite being listed in the description. Overall, most guests seem to have a pleasant stay, with some minor areas for improvement, especially in the food department.

Set in the medieval old town of Northeim, Hotel Schere offers guests a unique blend of historical ambiance and contemporary hotel comfort. This 4-star hotel, which dates back to the Medieval Ages, originally served as an inn for tailors. Now, it spans across seven historic buildings, all thoughtfully refurbished. Guests can expect free internet access throughout the property, an in-house restaurant known for its delightful cuisine, a hotel bar, and an underground parking garage. Reviews often highlight the central location, which is near the beginning of the pedestrian area and the acclaimed 'Theater der Nacht'.

Guests have commended the hotel for its cleanliness, sizeable rooms, and the rich breakfast buffet. Many appreciate the old-world charm that the hotel exudes, combined with modern comforts. The restaurant, in particular, has garnered positive feedback both for its atmosphere and the quality of the food. Some points of criticism include the lack of early breakfast options, absence of air conditioning in certain rooms, and minor inconveniences like insecure showerheads. Despite these, the overall sentiment suggests that Hotel Schere delivers a commendable experience to its patrons, especially those with an appreciation for historic settings.