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The Best Hotels in Treis-Karden

The best 4 star hotels in Treis-Karden

Schloß-Hotel Petry

The Schloß-Hotel Petry, established in 1895 and still family-run, impressively intertwines history with modernity in the scenic locale of the Karden district of Treis-Karden. Positioned just a short 200 meters stroll from both the train station and the tranquil River Moselle, the hotel comprises three distinct buildings: the main historic castle, the spacious Haus Kohlbecher, and the recently renovated Unter den Weinbergen guest house. Each of these brings a unique flavor to your stay, while ensuring all rooms are furnished with at least a cable TV, and in some instances, a balcony. Guests have warmly commended the rich and varied breakfast buffet and notably, its close proximity to cultural attractions and the enchanting vineyards and forests that surround.

Reviews applaud the hotel’s “excellent breakfast” and appreciate the “pleasant bedroom with comfortable beds.” The location, due to its close proximity to vital transport links and natural beauty, has been deemed “optimal.” Some guests enjoyed meals outside on the terrace during summer and admired the views of the vineyards from their rooms. A noteworthy highlight among visitors is the exceptional culinary experience, with the Schloßstube restaurant and the cozy Weinstube tavern, often receiving praise for their “very delicious dinner” and charming ambiance. The ample space available for bike storage was acknowledged positively, especially by those looking to explore the picturesque surroundings on two wheels.

The ambiance of Schloß-Hotel Petry is notably praised, with visitors admiring the careful and aesthetic blend of history and modernity in its design and facilities, which spans across three diverse buildings. Guests frequently express their satisfaction with the rooms, citing them as “clean and spacious,” with “perfect” beds and a “full topper.” The notable view of the vineyards and the surrounding environment has been acknowledged as “enchanting” and leaves a memorable imprint on the experiences of visitors. The hotel’s position, not far from the renowned Burg Eltz castle and with Frankfurt/Hahn Airport only 40km away, also places it in a strategically advantageous location for exploration and access.

Not without its critiques, the hotel has faced some challenges, such as certain instances of miscommunication regarding room requirements, and some guests have reported difficulties in locating it, even within its small village context. The issue of some rooms emitting a “humid” smell and featuring potentially uncomfortable “carpet flooring” was raised. Nonetheless, numerous visitors commend the “very friendly and helpful” staff and, interestingly, while some guests found the owners and certain staff not particularly amicable or welcoming, the cleanliness, comfort, and particularly the extensive breakfast selection, consistently emerge as positive aspects of their stay, demonstrating the Schloß-Hotel Petry’s adeptness at melding its rich history with the demands of the contemporary traveler.