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Bourges Spring Festival

Every spring, thousands of spectators come to the concert halls and marquees of Bourges to listen to the world’s most famous artists or discover young musical talent.

Since 1977 the festival has offered a week of concerts every year, in the most diverse musical genres, at several locations in Bourges: 150 artists and groups in the seven festival halls, as well as many artists on the four free stages, from the banks of Auron to Place Séraucourt, and as many more in the twenty or so bars in Bourges that play a part in the Spring Festival in the town.

Bourges is also a springboard for young artists, and a set of important cultural events: film, literature, and all kinds of gatherings.



City of Art and History, Bourges has a rich architectural heritage. The Saint-Etienne cathedral built in the 13th century is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cathedral of Gothic architecture is extremely unusual in that it does not possess a transept. Its ancient stained glass windows as well as the sculptures of its central portal are awe-inspiring. Nearby, the flower garden of the Archbishop's Palace is a quiet and peaceful place offering a magnificent view of the Saint-Etienne cathedral.

The visit of Bourges continues with the famous Jacques-Coeur palace, a 15th-century civil building of Flamboyant Gothic style. Strolling through the old town is very pleasant with its narrow paved streets lined with half-timbered houses, its Gothic and Renaissance hotels, as well as its small squares decorated with cafés and the shops in the pedestrian streets.

The city is renowned for its famous music festival that takes place in April, the “Printemps de Bourges”.

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